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Common data model v5.3.1 down, v5.4 the only one available from now on?

I was trying to access the version 5.3.1 of the model, but it’s currently down. Is this intended? Will only v5.4 be kept online from now on?

try following: https://github.com/OHDSI/CommonDataModel/tree/v5.3.1

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Yes, we can get it from github, but it’s not easily available through any menus or url, which is weird as it was the version being pushed for the last year in most projects

This works for me.

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oh so the idea is that v5.3.1 is now v5.3, ok then :thinking:

@Diego_Bosca_Tomas we made a specific decision in the Common Data Model working group to describe model versions by their major and minor (i.e. 5.3) to alleviate concerns when we push bug fixes/ Bug fixes become versions like 5.3.1 but we found that when we push fixes and increment to a version like 5.3.2 the community was concerned about needing to move when in reality no changes were made to the model itself.

This will be described completely on next Tuesday’s OHDSI community call but if you are looking to use the DDLs I would suggest using the git tags.

Version 5.3 will continue to be supported though we are moving to version 5.4 as a community based on recommendations and work done over the last year. It is backwards compatible with 5.3 so if you would like to stay with v5.3 you certainly can.


To address this concern I reinstated the link at OMOP CDM v5.3.1 with an explanation of the move to major.micro versions.

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Thank you, I think this will help