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Common data dictionnary in Redcap

(Nana El) #1

I am new in the forum, and am trying to understand OMOP CDM and its use-cases indication.
In fact, in our research institution, we use Redcap as an EHR for clinical trail studies. we aim to offer our internal clinical trial community with a common data dictionary (list of variables, values, ontologies…), directly as RedCap dictionary.

Also, we discuss a future project to create a translational research warehouse.

I have 3 questions, please,

  • A colleague of me try to understand how to use OMOP as a common dictionary in Redcap, in order to make new studies OMOP complient by design, and hence, avoid ETL for the future warehouse!
    is this idea possible? I can not agree with him! OMOP is a data model an not a simple dictionary, and it is indicated to convert several sources to one model before their ingestion in the datawarehouse, isn’it?

  • Perhaps, we can make some best practices in our redcap dictionary in order to meet some nomenclatures of OMOP, but it is not possible to implement OMOP in Redcap!! isn’t it?

  • if we decide to use OMOP for our datawarehouse, shall we contact the OHDSi to get help and beneficent form the analytical and data visualisation tools?

wainting to hear from you

All the best


(Vojtech Huser) #2

The number of permissible values may be too large for redcap to handle for some Data Elements (DEs).

If you ask in Redcap for lab result history, the drop down list will include all LOINC codes.

It will work for Visit History.

(Christian Reich) #3


Because of the large number of concepts in the controlled vocabularies as @Vojtech_Huser said you may want to reduce the amount of permissible values from the total of all Standard Concepts to something you really need in a trial. I think you can reduce that drastically. Would be an interesting discussion of what the rules are.