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Combine Atlas reports data

Hi all,
Hope everyone is well during this never-ending pandemic!

Our project has several hospitals where each one of them has local CDM and local Atlas implementation for its own use.
Based on this we would like to create additional Atlas implementation in the cloud (out of the local implementations) for overall data source reports.
To do so, there are two options:

  1. Copy and combine all local CDM’s into new CDM and run Atlas reports on the combined data.
    Problem: data need anonymization processes and the amount of data is huge.

  2. Copy and combine ONLY the reports data from the results database and map the Atlas to the new combine results database.

We prefer option #2 as no anonymization is required.
Does anyone have experience with such a solution?

All the best,

If I understand correctly, your institution has access to multiple ‘federated’ datasources. To my knowledge, Atlas does not support combining reports from multiple sources into one combined aggregate. However, Atlas is made to display results from multiple datasources in the same instance. This might actually also be more interesting.

I would suggest to set up the cloud Atlas with multiple results databases and load the results from each data source report into its own results schema (see this documentation). Then you would be able to access all reports under the ‘Data Sources’ tab in Atlas (like the demo environment has the 1K and 5% synthea as separate data sources, see screenshot). Would this work for you?

You can leave the CDM schema empty, so no patient level data is added. It might be good to add a warning for the researchers though that only aggregates can be displayed.