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Collaboration Opportunity: Sharing Mappings from CDS, COSD, RTDS and SACT Source Data

Hi all,

I am a part of a project team which is mapping four UK national datasets from source to OMOP. These are: CDS (Commissioning Data Sets), COSD (Cancer Outcomes and Services Data Set), RTDS ( Radiotherapy Data Set), SACT (Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapies Data Set).

Does anyone have any mappings for these datasets that they would be willing to share?
Does anyone require any assistance mapping these datasets?

We are looking to collaborate with other organisations to spread the analytical burden.



my team may be able to help, at least partially. We are mapping multiple European registry data between their data dictionaries, and then mapping the overlap to OMOP
(there is not much point in a full mapping unless there is an international data partner, and COSD is much larger than other cancer datasets)

for more information see: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-023-02715-8

my work email address is in the article - best to connect there (rarely in this forum).

To illustrate, if we did the overlap analysis of UK COSD + German ADT, we’d help on the overlap.