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Cohort Pathways in Atlas

(Theresa Burkard) #1

I was watching the Cohort Pathway tutorial from May this year on the website.

In ATLAS, in COHORT PATHWAYS in the EXECUTIONS tab, when I click on “generate” and “view latest results”, instead of the results there is a note saying “There is no completed executions for the data source yet”… there is executions running for 5 days. I was wondering why this was not working?

Best wishes,

(Chris Knoll) #2

5 days certainly doesn’t sound right…although I have heard of cases where when the job starts, it immediately fails but doesn’t notify the job-scheduler of the failure, and makes it look like the job is hung/infinitely running.

To restart/reset all jobs, you can restart the WebAPI service. That will terminate any running job.

For your specific environment, we need a bit more information:

What version of WebAPI are you running
What database is your CDM on (oracle, redshift, sql server)
Do you have access to a console that you can execute Queries? I can show you where to go to run the pathway analysis queries directly so you can narrow down where your specific problem is.
If you have access to the WebAPI logs, you may find information in there about a failure/problem, but if it was already running for 5 days, it could be buried. Better to just restart the service, generate again, and then look at the logs.


(Theresa Burkard) #3

I am in the Atlas demo version using the synthetic data, is that the reason maybe?

(Chris Knoll) #4

Possibly, the demo server isn’t exactly super-charged. Can you provide a link to the pathway analysis on the demo site and I’ll see if I can look into it?

(Theresa Burkard) #5

It is working now, I think it had do with the reboot of ATLAS demo version by @lee_evans as mentioned in the topic Concept Sets - Explore Evidence generation pending
but thanks for your help :slight_smile: