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Cohort pathway : why in the same first circle,the same drug sometimes tend to be in central, sometimes tend to be for second circel?

(panpan) #1

For the cohort pathway results like the picture, I am wondering for the same drug in the first circle,
the sequences of the drugs ( light blue) are different, why?
does the sequence of drugs order in the circle mean the sequence of drug_exposure_Start_Date?
thank you very much

(Chris Knoll) #2

The section you are highlighting is just a combo…dark blue and lt. blue. also you have a lt blue and tan, and lt blue and purple. the arrangement of colors in the ring doesn’t matter, you just happen to show dark blue is drawn first before lt blue, but lt blue is drawn before the other colors. So, the simple answer is ‘that’s just how that combination is colored’.

The only thing where order matters is within the ring, the largest proportion is drawn first (clockwise) and then the smaller portions are draw next, etc.