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Cohort pathway: the unreasonable proporation

(panpan) #1

I user the atlas to do the cohort pathway, but I found some problems.
firstly, in the picture1 the sum of the proportion in the green line is not equal to the number in the red line, why?
secondly. in the red line, why are there still numbers? isn’t it be 0?
thank you very much!



(Chris Knoll) #2

For the first issue, I think it’s just a rounding issue. 0.3% + 0.1% does not add up to 0.5%, but above that 0.5% + 97.9% does not add up to 98.3%. Some kind of weird rounding thing.

For the second issue, I’m not sure why you mean ‘shouldn’t it be 0?’ 0.1% + 0.1% adds up to the prior step of 0.2%. What this is saying is that you were at 0.2% at the step of green duloxetine, and then a portion (0.1%) had nothing else, and the other 0.1% went on to do something else (not end) but possibly it was ‘trimmed out’ and you don’t see it in the plot (we do a little trimming on the output for display and performance reasons). I don’t think you’ll ever see a zero value unless you have something like 50% of people from step 1 went on to something in step 2, and those same 50% people went on to step 3…the diff there would be 0%. But, we’ll never show a slice in the plot that represents 0% of people…we don’t draw something that has a zero value.

(panpan) #3

thank you very much@Chris_Knoll. I see