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Cohort Generation in Atlas with Generation status Failed

(Chris Knoll) #41

Hi, Ty,
I think you can proceed with those proposed GRANT commands, I’m not sure what problems might arise due to the disabled option, but we can always apply permissions later. The most important part of the instructions is where it says you need to login in as the ohdsi_admin_user in the section on ‘prepare database schema for WebAPI’. This is because there will be default permissions granted for the schema based on who you’re connected as (this is a wierd PG thing). Just make sure you’re connected as the ohdsi_admin account, since this is the account that will be used by WebAPI to create tables within the schema you are creating. I can’t quite tell who you’re connected as, but this has caught others in the past.

After you have that schema set up with the GRANTs, you should be clear to launch the WebAPI process (after you finish the instructions of gettting that built with your own local configuration), and once WebAPI starts, you should see tables created for you in the webapi schema automatically.

Or, you’ll get an error, and you’ll tell me what it is and we’ll fix it :).

(Ty) #42

Hi Chris. Sorry have not looked at this for a little bit but I will update you when I get back to it. Sincerely thank you for your help so far. Ty