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Cohort Generation in Atlas with Generation status Failed

(Chris Knoll) #21

‘Invalidated By System’ messages appears when you restart the service and there’s a job in a ‘running’ or ‘pending’ state. The jobs that were running between the restarts need to be reset (because the thread that is executing the analysis is killed, so on restart, all you can do is mark all running jobs ‘failed’ with ‘Invalidated by system’.

The original problem you were having is strange: you say that you click ‘generate’ but the job just sits in pending status? It’s possible you have another error happening between starting the job and the job starting the execution. Do you have anything in your logs? You mentioned that it did run successfully once. Can you get a simple cohort to generate or revert to the version that was working?

(Ambuj) #22

I deleted all the entries associated with cohort generation from webapi and results schema. Then I retried generating a simple cohort and facing the same issue with status “PENDING” from a long time. Attached the screenshot.
I am also attaching the screenshot for fail_message column.

I am on Atlas version 2.7.1 and WebAPI 2.7.1.

I will try to redo the cohort generation using previous version on WebAPI and Atlas.
Also, the cohort once generated doesn’t delete in one click, I had to reload the page again and again to make it work.

I don’ t see any logs which is associated with Atlas issues.

Kindly suggest.

Thank you

(Chris Knoll) #23

I explained in the prior message: ‘Invalided by System’ mesasge happens when the WebAPI service is restarted and any job in ‘running’ state is reset with that failed message.

It looks like you did have a successful generation on cohort 175, so I’m not sure what is the issue with that cohort definition. Can you provide a screenshot of the cohort 176? Also, did you check your log files to look for an exception? Maybe there was an error in preparing the execution which causes the job to appear in ‘starting’ state but never actually starts executing due to some pre-launch error.

(Ambuj) #24

Hi Chris,

Here is what I did-

  1. Restarted tomcat service.
  2. Checked if WebAPI and Atlas are properly deployed and accessible via browser.
  3. Created Cohort # 175, clicked generate > failed
  4. Clicked generate again > complete
  5. Created cohort 176, clicked generate > PENDING > FAILED
  6. Clicked generate again > COMPLETED

The logs that I can see is as below for the time when it failed:

Encountered one more scenario without touching WebAPI services:
Created cohort# 195> generate > Pending since past 15 mins

meanwhile the entry in DB table:

Additional Logs I found today, shows error when it gets stuck in PENDING state.

Below log is when it FAILED on Generate Cohort Click

Need your assistance on this.
Thank You