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Cohort generation error


Dear guys,we now run the cohort generation in Oracle database. But the result got 0 which’s not correct. Here’s the generation in atlas,

Because we can’t use atlas,we can only try the sql generated from atlas. Here’s where we got 0 in sql.

And we searched the inclusion,
Would anyone can tell us what’s that mean?and how should we de-bug this. Thanks in advance.

(Chris Knoll) #2

I can help:

You have 7 inclusion rules, and when processing each inclusion rule, a person is assigned a ‘bit’ for each inclusion rule:
Rule 1: 0000001
Rule 2: 0000010
Rule 3: 0000100
Rule 4: 0001000
Rule 5: 0010000
Rule 6: 0100000
Rule 7: 1000000
All Rules: 1111111 = Power(2,7) - 1 = 127

This is how we find the people ‘who match all inclusion rules’.

Atlas shows you this report so you can see the number of people that matched the inclusion rules, but since you’re running these queries directly, you can run queries:

Qualifying people: select * from mjd9zdvaqualified_events
Who matched inclusion rules: select * from mjd9zdvainclusion_events

That should get you started on if you found anyone to enter your cohort (the qualified events) or if no one actually met all inclusion criteria (the inclusion events).


Thanks a lot.
One more question, what’s the difference between the Qualifying people and the inclusion_events. Which is for the number that can get in our cohort?

(Chris Knoll) #4

The qualifying people are the people that come from the Cohort Entry Events. The inclusion_events just maintains which qualifying event matched which inclusion rule.