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CIV table model

The drug infusion rate, drug infusion time, Injection amount according to body weight, etc.

We would like to propose a CIV table that expresses the patient’s continuous treatment information.

Any and all feedback is welcome.

CIV table_v1.pdf (745.5 KB)
drug_civ_code.xlsx (124.4 KB)

Although I see the convenience of weight field, wouldn’t it be more reasonable to keep this information as an entry in the measurement table? At the very least, allowing it as a 50 length varchar just asks for trouble.

On a more general note, current drug domain toolset, to my knowledge, is not currently used in actual use-cases beyond Ingredient level, which is used for drug_era table creation. Dosage and route information ends up being unused. Is there a need for more precise drug information now?

What’s the use case, @oovdd? What do you want to study? How does the Drug Exposure table not fit your needs?