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Circumstances of patient's birth


We are working on mapping our dataset with particular attention to risk factors of interest. We are debating over how to represent some of these risk factors. There are several that are related to the circumstances of the person’s own birth, for example:

  • premature birth
  • obstetric complications

I can find concepts that represent these, but they appear to represent conditions of the person (i.e. the person is a mother with a premature birth, or a mother with obstetric complications). Family history doesn’t seem to be the right way to capture this. It could be a generic “history of event” but again we want it to be clear that we are referring to the person’s own birth. Has anyone conceptualised something like this in OMOP?

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Hi @rsippy:

Welcome to the family.

Generally, the OMOP CDM describes the facts pertaining to healthcare of the person, not other people. As you said, the exception is family history, as it is assumed to create a genotypic or socially determined risk for the person also. But these risks are rather crude (high blood pressure of grandfather) and a simple representation is sufficient.

In the mother-child situation this is much more impactful. Therefore, we try getting the full history of the mother and the child separately and have them linked through a record in FACT_RELATIONSHIP, rather than recording the myriad of potential motherly risk factors with the child.

Can you do that? Or do you lack the mother’s detailed data?

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Hello @rsippy and welcome to OHDSI!

You should ask the Perinatal and Reproductive WG these questions.

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In most instances we do have enough information about the mother to create another person, so this is something we can do. I think it would only be very rarely where we would have only the information about the patient’s birth (without further knowledge of the mother) due to how the data are collected.

I like this as a solution. Thank you!