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CHARYBDIS Results Build; Collaborators Asked To Visit MSTeams To Work On Manuscripts!

(Craig Sachson) #1

Results from our CHARYBDIS Project continue to build, thanks in large part to the ongoing efforts of @anthonysena, @tduarte, @krfeeney and @Albert_Prats. You can evaluate the updated results here, which now include seven databases from around the world (IPCI, SIDIAP, CUIMC, HM, PREMIER, CPRD, DEID).

We know many collaborators in the community are excited to work on various studies within CHARYBDIS, so please visit the Teams environment as soon as possible so you can connect with collaborators and contribute to the many important manuscripts that can come out of this exciting work.


Hi Craig, thanks for the update! I would love to be involved in the preparation of the manuscripts. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.