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Charity for Ukrainian kids "Saint Nicolas Reindeers"

Dear OHDSI community,

If you are interested in participating in the completely voluntary purchase of gifts for Ukrainian children, please read the instructions below:

There is a presentation on the community call today, and here’s the summary on the Saint Nicholas Reindeers program and ways to participate.

If you’d like to see the letters (as PDFs) written by children and a translation from Ukrainian of the requested gifts, there’s a google document. (as of 29-Nov almost all of the kids have their “Wizard” but there are 300 - 600 new kids to be added)

If you’d like to learn more about the charity Ukrainian Frontiers that this program is affiliated with, you can find out more here: Mission and Purpose – ВО УКРАЇНСЬКІ РУБЕЖІ. The Facebook page for Saint Nicholas Reindeers is here and here’s information about the program (in Ukrainian - just google translate the page).

The simplest way to support these kids would be to have collect funds through my Paypal account and purchase gifts for the total sum we collect.

  • My Paypal: dimshitc@gmail.com
  • If you don’t have Paypal, you can use Venmo: @Anna-Ostropolets

When sending the money please add a note “OHDSI Saint Nicolas Reindeers”

If you would prefer to select and purchase a gift directly, please reach out to me, so I assist in navigating the google docs and purchasing site, which is similar to Amazon.

The deadline is December 6th, to give time for the gifts to be distributed in time for Christmas.

In a community call in January we will provide a summary of the funds collected and the items that were purchased.


Added Venmo account
Thanks @aostropolets for help!

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If anybody missed this week’s community call, Dmytry @Dymshyts provided more context about this program, and you can watch it below!

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@Viviane , @Julwa, @awrosen, will appreciate if you guys spread it within CSS unit

Thanks everyone who participated!
And thanks Sciforce-Ukraine for helping with logistics and purchasing the gifts!
Here are some photos of kids we bought the presents (parents allowed to publish these photos)

it says “already tried the sledges!”

saying: “thanks for gifts and festival for kids”

"Thanks a lot to the “Reindeers” for amazing experience, they are incredible wizards. Made a very nice festival. Wishing a peaceful sky and God’s blessings.

Uploading: image.png…

And here are more photos of Event in Lviv, and Event in Kunje. Some gifts are ours here.

And you can scroll through the Reindeers page to see the other events and reports, it might get you the feeling of what’s happened there


And a short summary:
We collected 1,426 USD and we made 18 kids happier.
285 USD sent to the organizers, so they buy gasoline, fruits and other treats for kids etc.,
1141 USD spent on gifts respectively



here is a lovely video that pretty much sums up what the “Reindeers” did