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Changing Achilles SourceName after Achilles is done

I successfully executed my Achilles cmd:

cdmDatabaseSchema = “mdcr2003_2021_oud”,
resultsDatabaseSchema = “ar_mdcr2003_2021_oud”,
scratchDatabaseSchema = “asc_mdcr2003_2021_oud”,
vocabDatabaseSchema = “omop_20220331”,
numThreads = 5,
sourceName = “src_mdcr2003_2021_oud”,
cdmVersion = “5.3”,
tempAchillesPrefix = ‘ta’,
optimizeAtlasCache = TRUE,
createIndices = TRUE)

However, for some reason I need to change the existing sourceName from src_mdcr2003_2021_oud to src_ds_mdcr2003_2021_oud. I noticed that the first row at ar_mdcr2003_2021_oud has a reference to src_mdcr2003_2021_oud at the stratum_1 column. Is this the only field I need to change?


Should be just stratum_1 for analysis_id 0 in the achilles_results table. If it already was loaded into Atlas, you likely will need to refresh the cache of that source.