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CdmMetadata v0.0.1 released


I’ve released the first version of the CdmMetadata R package / Shiny application: GitHub - OHDSI/CdmMetadata: An R Package / Shiny App to Prototype CDM Metadata Tables. The purpose of this application is to allow us to evaluate the 4 proposed metadata tables that the Metadata and Annotations WG has designed.

For this first release, I have included workflows for the following use cases:

  1. Source Provenance: store a description about the CDM instance
  2. Data Quality: annotate/view Heel Results issues
  3. Concept Knowledge Base: create and view temporal event metadata about concepts in a CDM instance
  4. Concept Set Knowledge Base: pick a concept set in Atlas and see if any temporal event metadata exists for concepts within that concept set
  5. Cohort Knowledge Base: pick a cohort in Atlas and see if any temporal event metadata exists for concepts used in the cohort definition

I am seeking volunteers from across the OHDSI community to try this application out and help us drive the metadata movement forward. The application can be run locally in RStudio or deployed to an R Shiny Server so that multiple users can access it.

If you have any issues or ideas on how to improve the application, please enter them into the Issues tracker in the Git repo. As we gather feedback, we can improve the application and make any necessary changes to the metadata tables so that we can make a strong proposal to the CDM WG for their inclusion in the CDM specification and shift our attention towards the real end goal: developing metadata features within Atlas that enrich the user experience towards more informed study design.

Please refer to the Git repo for more information, or feel free to contact me.



As noted by @Andrew on the call today, this is really stupendous work @Ajit_Londhe. We are deploying here and I look forward to diving further in.