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CDM Workgroup Liaisons

(Clair Blacketer) #1

Today in the CDM meeting we talked about the idea of workgroup liaisons. The idea is that, for each community group, a designated person from the CDM WG will be assigned to present the proposed changes to the model for 2021. This person will also collate feedback from their designated group about the proposed changes and bring them back to the CDM working group. Finally, they will also help their assigned group adopt the new version of the CDM once it is released. The list is in our files; if you were not able to join today please take a look and add your name if there is a group would would like to work with. As we get closer to finalizing our list of changes we will have a meeting with all liaisons to decide upon the best way to present to stakeholders.

If you are a member of a different workgroup you are welcome to become a liaison as well. This is definitely a two-way street and we will all need to work together as we target as new CDM version.