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CDM v5.4 Release

OHDSI Community! Time to break out the champagne :champagne: :champagne: as I am happy to announce that CDM v5.4 is officially available. In terms of the model itself there is not a huge difference; you can find all changes from v5.3 โ†’ v5.4 listed by table on our website. One thing you will no doubt notice right away if you visit our github is that it looks very different. It used to be that all the DDL code was available on the master branch, with a folder for each SQL dialect we support. In terms of folder structure, the master branch and releases would always look the same. Now, each release will have a zip file associated with it that contains the DDLs:

By releasing them in this way it allowed us to decouple the code to create the tables from the code we use to actually generate the DDLs. To that end, the master branch now contains an R package that creates the DDLs, documentation, website, zip files, and it will even connect to your database and instantiate the tables automatically. We will touch on this briefly at the next community call and we will do a demo at a future meeting.

Secondly we are not referring to this version as v5.4.0 but rather v5.4. This is deliberate and I promise there is a method to our madness. We do our best to stick to semantic versioning when it comes to the Common Data Model which increments version numbers but, as you know, the model is not a piece of software. Therefore, we have defined our versions using the following methodology:

Version X.Y.Z

X is versioned when changes are made that would break our current software tools

  • In terms of the CDM this means changing the name of a column that ATLAS uses to define a cohort, for example

Y is versioned when tables or fields are added in a backwards compatible manner

  • Going from CDM v5.3 โ†’ CDM v5.4 we added the EPISODE and EPISODE_EVENT tables

Z is versioned when backwards compatible bug fixes are made to the DDLs

  • When Z is incremented up, the model itself does not change

This way, if someone is on v5.3.2 or v5.3.5 we know that they are using the same tables and fields and, therefore, they are using the same model. Dropping the patch number from our discussions allows us to be clear about the model structure we are using without worrying about the need to adopt each bug fix as they are released.

Please check it out, we included lots more documentation on both the website https://ohdsi.github.io/CommonDataModel and our github front page https://github.com/ohdsi/CommonDataModel and donโ€™t hesitate to reach out with any questions

Common Data Model Working Group

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Congratulations, Clair / All!

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Just a typo there: Version X.Y.Z

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Congratulations All, :slight_smile:
I am so interested in new version CDM.
I am also wondering whether ATLAS is available with CDM ver 5.4 or not now.


url : Changes by Table

There are spelling errors.

  • Discharge_to_source_value โ†’ Discharged_to_concept_id
    Please fix that.

Thank you

Hi, thank for reading through the changes @Aelan. I will push that fix momentarily!

Feel free to join the CDM working group meetings in the future if you would like to join the discussion on versioning! Meeting details can be found at the bottom of this page.


Hi @Aelan we are meeting with the ATLAS development team at the next CDM working group call to discuss support of new features in CDM v5.4. However, this new version is backwards compatible with v5.3 in terms of tools and methods support so you should be able to use all existing functionality in ATLAS with v5.4. I say should because this is still in testing. If you connect ATLAS to a CDM v5.4 instance please let us know if you run into any issues and we will work to address them.

Thanks to @clairblacketer for providing more details on the CDM v5.4 release on todayโ€™s community call. Check out a few details from Clair below, and watch for a longer demo to come at an upcoming community call.

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Hi @clairblacketer ,

Thank you for your advice.