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CDM + THEMIS Workgroup Meeting 6Jan2020

(Clair Blacketer) #1

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow we have a CDM workgroup meeting at 1pm eastern. We will discussing the CARE_SITE table. The Skype meeting link can be found on our homepage https://ohdsi.github.io/CommonDataModel/index.html and the straw-man description of the CARE_SITE table is below. Please review and come ready to discuss.


Field Name User Guide ETL Conventions
care_site_id Assign an id to each unique combination of location_id and place_of_service_source_value
care_site_name The name of the care_site as it appears in the source data
place_of_service_concept_id Choose the concept in the place_of_service domain that best represents the care_site.
location_id The location_id from the LOCATION table representing the physical location of the care_site.
care_site_source_value The identifier of the care_site as it appears in the source data. This could be an identifier separate from the name of the care_site.
place_of_service_source_value Put the place of service of the care_site as it appears in the source data.

In particular for this table we need to figure out how to describe the PLACE_OF_SERVICE_CONCEPT_ID and PLACE_OF_SERVICE_SOURCE_VALUE as these fields are removed in CDM v6.