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CDM Observations and Radiation Oncology

Hi Everyone - I’m wondering if anyone has extracted observations from radiation oncology data and, if so, what data elements you chose to extract for this particular table and subject. If anyone has defined observations as they relate to radiation oncology and is willing to share that with me, I would appreciate it.
Thank you, Lilla

We are working on these problems in the OHDSI Oncology Workgroup.

For radiation oncology, I am advocating using the following standard from ASTRO:
‘Minimum Data Elements for Radiation Oncology: An American Society for Radiation Oncology Consensus Paper’


We will need to integrate this standard into a vocabulary present within OHDSI. And then include maps to other source procedure and measurement vocabularies. Please come join the workgroup.

Wonderful! Thank you, @mgurley! That’s encouraging news. And thank you for the article. The link to the Teams conversation did not work. Is there an alternative way to join the group?
Thank you,