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CDM for waveform biosignal data


(jong-hwan,jang (John)) #1

Hi, I am Jong-Hwan(John) at Ajou University in Korea. I am in the Ph.D. course for medical informatics. Especially I am studying the waveform biosignal such as ECG, blood pressure with machine learning methods.

Nowadays, unstructured medical data has taken an important role in the research area (genomic data, CT image, and biosignal, etc.)

Ajou university hospital has collected waveform biosignal data for 4 years and other hospitals started to collect raw biosignal also.

I think the demand for converting waveform biosignal data into CDM will arise and it is valuable to initiate a working group to discuss the CDM for waveform biosignal. Please leave a comment if you would like to join and have any opinion.