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Carbon-ion radiotherapy

(JD Liddil) #1

Trying to figure out how code carbon-ion radiotherapy. I could code it generically as External_beam_radiotherapy but that is a bit generic.


(Michael Gurley) #2


NAACCR ITEM 1506 Phase I Radiation Treatment Modality
NAACCR ITEM 1516 Phase II Radiation Treatment Modality
NAACCR ITEM 1526 Phase III Radiation Treatment Modality

All have the possible values:

Code Label
00 No radiation treatment
01 External beam, NOS
02 External beam, photons
03 External beam, protons
04 External beam, electrons
05 External beam, neutrons
06 External beam, carbon ions
07 Brachytherapy, NOS
08 Brachytherapy, intracavitary, LDR
09 Brachytherapy, intracavitary, HDR
10 Brachytherapy, Interstitial, LDR
11 Brachytherapy, Interstitial, HDR
12 Brachytherapy, electronic
13 Radioisotopes, NOS
14 Radioisotopes, Radium-223
15 Radioisotopes, Strontium-89
16 Radioisotopes, Strontium-90
99 Radiation treatment modality unknown; Unknown if radiation treatment

Thus, once NAACCR is ingested into the OMOP vocabulary tables, it seems that ‘06’, ‘External beam, carbon ions’ would be the right choice.