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Cannot fullimport from Broadsea solr

I’m trying to implement the Broadsea Solr vocabulary (with import).

Previous steps to the problem:

I runned the docker profile “solr-with-import” to build the containers.

I have had the containers built succesfully.


The problem appears when I try to run the “dataimport” profile. I have had to change the .env files of my cloned directories of Broadsea and Broadsea-Solr, such as (Broadsea in the lef, Broadsea-Solr in the right).

I got the vocabulary version by querying the postgres instance I 'm running of broadsea-atlasdb

The docker composed remains the same as installed, I haven’t changed anything (there’s no security configuration, neither other changes).
These are the cloned directories (maybe is st about the jdcb driver):

Then when I run the dataimport profile, as shown,

I get this log in the vocab-core docker container that I attach:
vocab-core docker log.txt (68.4 KB)

I have also tried in the Admin Solr and I got this:

I think the issue is using the Broadsea-Solr repository / stack. You only need the Broadsea repo and to use the profile options there to import.

Looking at the logs it seems like a connection issue is occurring where the host name for broadsea-solr-vocab is not being found, I imagine because the Broadsea-Solr stack is conflicting with the Broadsea stack.

Try just using the [GitHub - OHDSI/Broadsea: Broadsea deploys the core OHDSI technology stack (Atlas & R Hades), using cross-platform Docker container technology.](https://Broadsea 3.0 Repo). That’s all that is needed for Solr implementation.

We should probably archive the Broadsea-Solr repo to avoid future confusion, it looks like it was used for development the feature is now in the main Broadsea repo. @Frank @Ajit_Londhe @lee_evans