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Cannot FTP to get the OSIM2 datasets

Hi! All,

I cannot FTP to get the OSIM2 datasets as following. It looks like the server is down.
Any suggestion?

Simulated Observational Data - OSIM2

To log in to the anonymous FTP server use the following credentials:

Login: anonymous
Password: blank
Our FTP server supports SFTP protocol (port 22)



The omop.org website is no longer actively supported. Let me find out if there is a way to get those files for you. Can you share what you are trying to do? There are other ways to get to fake data for purposes of development and testing. Let us know.


Thank you for helping!

Depending on the size of the data, we can create a shared directory on buckeye box. We are developing a research disease registry framework that leverages the OMOP model. In order to demonstrate the framework, we’d like to populate it with non-identified data (data that is not linked to any patients, but makes some sense – for instance having “diabetes”, “cancer”, “creatinine” etc. in the data instead of random character sequences).


I’d recommend you use this:

Thank you for helping!

We are still using the CDM Version 4, and we don’t have plan to upgrade CDM version 5 yet.
So we need the dataset in CDM Version 4 format.

Thank you! Anyway!

You can use this dataset, just don’t import data from tables not in CDMv4.

Hi Christian,

We tried accessing the FTP and encountered the same issue, appreciate if you could let me know how to download observational datasets that was available in the FTP. We are currently researching the elements of using machine learning in medical care, the data will be used to train the platform we are currently developing and also test different use cases.

Thank you,


Preparing an OSIM2 folder in ftp://ftp.ohdsi.org. The upload will take a while. Sorry for the delay.

Is this still available? I am not able to connect this URL via FileZilla

It’s right there. I can’t help with Filezilla, but this is simple anonymous FTP. Copy ftp://ftp.ohdsi.org/osim2 into a browser and you can download it even that way.

Thanks @Christian_Reich