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Can I download WebAPI.war directly?


(Allen Lei) #1

We have a requirement to run WebAPI for Atlas, I tried to download WebAPI source code from github, but there are huge maven dependencies missing, maybe it is because I am in China (there is GreateWall firewall which blocks me from downloading some dependencies). Anyway, I tried everything what I can do like download dependencies manually, comment out some code to make code compile successfully. But still there are many problems when I run the project.
I would like to know whethere it is possible to download the war package directly? For me, I only need it run on Oracle, we do NOOOOOOOT have any request on role, permission (saml, ldap, oauth, kerberos), do I have to configurate flyway database?
Is it better to provide a linke to download the war package with a guidance to teach me thow to configurate application.properties file, I only need it run on Oracle with a login, so I can use Atlas smoothly.

(Allen Lei) #2

Actually I found there is Broadsea deployment which bases on docker technology, with that I only need to follow the guidance of https://github.com/OHDSI/Broadsea to make whole OHDSI tools run.