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Call for partners that would like to participate in a NLP POC

In our extensive list of things to achieve within OMOP Model and Vocabulary framework, extraction of information like staging, TNM, progression, psychiatry scale information etc. from discharge summaries, pathology reports, radiology reports, unstructured data has been an area of interest. We have an opportunity to apply NLP for that purpose. The IQVIA Linguamatics Team is offering to apply their machinery for extraction of select facts and store them in an OMOP CDM. Linguamatics software has been used by leading healthcare providers for several years now, such as City of Hope, the Huntsman Cancer Institute and Kaiser Permanente, and is a tried and tested means of extracting rich information from medical records.

If you’re interested in contributing your data and your organization will allow such extraction, we can discuss further in a 1-1 setting.
We’re reaching out to partners who are interested in a POC with the IQVIA Linguamatics team. Further information on Linguamatics can be found at https://www.linguamatics.com/