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Call for collaborators: Predicting drug safety during methylphenidate (MPH) treatment in patients with ADHD

Hi All,

We invite collaborators to join our study, “Predicting Adverse Drug Events during Methylphenidate Treatment in ADHD”. We are planning to develop a model with a database, and we want to find partners for external validation.

We aim to develop and validate statistical models for predicting comprehensive adverse events of methylphenidate in patients with ADHD. We will also differentiate models by patient demographics (age groups and sex) to compare the model performance and predictors. We will also assess clinical outcomes in patients stratified with prediction results. It’s a study that combines PLP and PLE!

Please let me know if you are interested! The protocol is attached.

Dong Yun

Contacts of study leaders
Dong Yun Lee: dongyun90@ajou.ac.kr
Chungsoo Kim: ted9219@ajou.ac.kr (@ Chungsoo_Kim)

LargeScaleADEPrediction_v1.pdf (492.4 KB)


Hi Dong Yun Lee,

I just joined OHDSI and know very little about this group. However, I have a grant under review at NIH to study outcomes of specific stimulant medications. If this grant is funded, I would be very excited to collaborate on your project.


Jeffrey Scherrer
Family and Community Medicine
St. Louis University School of Medicine

Hi @ scherrjf
Thanks for your interest!
Because your fund is relevant enough to our research, it would be really nice to collaborate together.
I hope your fund is doing well.

Best regards,
Dong Yun