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Building package for incidence rate calculation with accompanied Shiny output

Dear all,

I’m new to OHDSI and is hoping to pick some brain you guys. I’m trying to build a study package that calculate the incidence rate with a shiny app output, but don’t know where to start. I know that with Population Level Estimation Analysis and Patient level prediction one can define the analysis in ATLAS and download the R package from there, but I don’t see a similar option for Incidence rate.

Any suggesstions will be greatly appreciated!

ATLAs doesn’t do that in R, but directly in SQL. You can find it in the Utilities tab under SQL.

@Chris_Knoll is currently working on the CohortIncidence package that should provide that functionality.

Yes, the package is found in the CohortIncidence repository, and the object model that defines the IR analysis design can be found in this class definition (which you can the high level ‘parts’ of the overall analysis, and you can navigate in the repository to find out how the ‘pieces’ are defined (for example, TimeAtRisk).

The vignette in the deveop branch is complete, and should be a good place to start to see how it works.

I’m working on an example that does an end-to-end execution on Eunomia.

Thanks @Chris_Knoll. Tested the Package against our Database and it works well.
I’m excited for the complete version with subgroup stratifications :blush:

You can use it now if you pull down the issue-8 branch. The vignette also has a simplified form to execute the analysis which may be helpful.

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