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Building drug_eras for RxNorm Extension ingredients

(Gyeol Song) #1

Hi @Christian_Reich,

I hope I’ve mentioned the right person.

The current code for building the drug_era table only references RxNorm.

WHERE c.vocabulary_id = 8 ---8 selects RxNorm from the vocabulary_id

This results in RxNorm Extension-unique ingredients to be left out in the final drug_era table. Shouldn’t we be adding another vocabulary_id to include RxNorm Extension-unique ingredients as well?

WHERE c.vocabulary_id in (8, 00) ---8 selects RxNorm and 00 selects RxNorm Extension from the vocabulary_id

Thanks in advance!


(Christian Reich) #2


This is very old code. From years before we had RxNorm Extension. Vocabulary_ids were still numeric. You need to move on from Version 4. :slight_smile:

If you have to use V4 for some reason, include vocabulary_id 82: WHERE c.vocabulary_id in (8, 82).

(Gyeol Song) #3

@Christian_Reich Thanks for your quick response.

Just one more question: Have we as a community decided on what to do with the stockpiling issue? Or is it still up to data owners?

(Gyeol Song) #4

Never mind. Found the answer I was looking for. No stockpiling!