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Broadsea: where are the WebAPI and Eunomia databases located?


I have installed Broadsea on my Linux VM, and things seem to be running ok: In Atlas I can see the results of the Eunomia database, and I can also query the WebAPI. Now I want to add the Eunomia database and the WebAPI database to PgAdmin III (which already shows my CDM Database, with cdm, results and temp schemas), so I can for instance add my CDM details to the WebAPI database. But I have not the faintest idea where these two databases are located. Anyone has an idea how I can find out?


If using the default profile, then the database is in a local Postgres container on your VM. You can reach it in PgAdmin using jdbc:postgresql://

Hello @Ajit_Londhe,

Thanks for your reply. When trying to connect to I get the error message below. Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong?


Screenshot (159)

In pgadmin, set host to simply