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Broadsea error when starting up WebAPI


we have a Broadsea installation, running for a couple of months now. Suddenly we receive the following error message:

2023-12-18 10:07:11.316 ERROR main org.ohdsi.webapi.AuthDataSource - [] - Failed to initialize connection to DB used for authentication: Failed to load driver class in either of HikariConfig class loader or Thread context classloader

The error message seems clear. However, we did not perform any operations which might have deleted the DB driver. Did anybody experience a similar problem?

We are using PostgreSQL.



I believe I’ve seen this in my logs before, but without blocking WebAPI from starting cleanly. Does your WebAPI not start?

What OS?

Is PostgresSQL running in a container?

I am sorry for not answering: OS is Ubuntu and PostgreSQL is running natively.
The problem was (so far) solved by simply restarting the whole environment.

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Good deal; since it is Ubuntu, lets just blame SystemD (may be the truth anyway).