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Broadsea 2.0 on VM in Google Cloud unable to resolve host in .env problem

Setting the .env hostname to the internal ip results in docker-compose running successfully but when going to http://irsf-broadsea.example.io or http://irsf-broadsea.example.io/broadsea:

404 page not found

Setting the .env hostname to the external ip results in docker-compose failing to bring up traefik:

Looked for anything on the Host VM that had bound port 80 and found nothing.


When using the internal ip as the host name, do you see anything in the container logs?

The tip you sent me via GitHub fixed the issue!

change ports in traefik from ${BROADSEA_HOST}:80:80 to just 80:80

Now we are trying to use the static external IP with a FQDN (irsf-broadsea.example.com). Connecting directly to the static IP works, using the FQDN fails.

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