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Bridging Health Equity with Real-World Evidence at OHDSI Global 2023: Join Us!

We’re excited to invite you to the Health Equity Workgroup activity at the 2023 OHDSI Global Symposium!

Date: October 21st 2023
Time: 8 am – 12 pm

The Health Equity Workgroup is thrilled to present a dynamic series of sessions at the OHDSI Symposium this fall. Our mission is to champion health equity advances within the our community. Join us as we delve deep into the confluence of Real-World Evidence (RWE) and innovative strategies to address health inequities

Highlights Of What We Will Be Discussing:

  1. Data-Driven Innovation for Health Equity: An exclusive session showcasing critical topics on health inequities, advances in health technologies, the rise of digital literacy, and the pivotal role of generative AI in Real-World Evidence (RWE) studies.
  2. Advancing Implementation from Knowledge: An in-depth discussion featuring diverse perspectives, aiming to bridge the gap between Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) data elements, innovative methodologies, and daily unmet health needs.
  3. Health Equity Interactive workshop: Immerse yourself in a hands-on exploration of a state-of-the-art R tool (Health Equity Explorer) crafted by OHDSI team members, enabling health equity data generation, intricate visualizations, and solid statistical analytics.
  4. OHDSI Health Equity Shark Tank: Here’s a chance for participants to present their research proposals addressing health inequities in our Shark Tank-inspired session. The most innovative ideas will be championed as official Health Equity Workgroup projects.

Mark Your Calendars!

For those yet to register for the 2023 OHDSI Symposium:

  • Register here for both the main event and our Workgroup Meeting.

For attendees already registered for the Symposium:

  • Revisit your Eventbrite account via the confirmation email sent after Symposium registration or directly on the Eventbrite website.
  • Click on “Go to My Tickets” or “View and Manage”. If you haven’t created an Eventbrite account, it’s advisable for efficient management of your registration details.
  • Within the Symposium event, select Edit. Navigate to the choices at the bottom, make your selections, and confirm with SAVE. You can modify your choices anytime by accessing your account.

For registration-related queries or additional information, please contact Elisse Katzman at symposium@ohdsi.org.

Interested in Further Information or Contributing to OHDSI’s Health Equity Initiatives?


  • Symposium Updates: Stay updated on this forum for intriguing insights on our panelists, study overviews, Real-World Evidence, AI tool discussions, the engaging OHDSI Health Equity Shark Tank, and more. Also, watch out for a curated series of preparatory materials, including thought-provoking articles and expert interviews in health equity, ensuring you’re aligned with current trends and insights before the Symposium commences.
  • Monthly Workgroup Calls: To dive deeper into our ongoing projects and discussions, attend our monthly workgroup calls. You’ll gain insights, participate in debates, and stay updated with our latest initiatives. Learn more and join our calls here.
  • Join the Workgroup Team Channel: For direct communication with our dedicated team and members, join our workgroup team channel. It’s a platform to discuss, share, and collaborate on ideas, strategies, and projects.