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Body Temperature with domain id = Observation

(Melanie Philofsky) #1

concept_id = 4302666, body temperature has domain_id = Observation. I believe this may be the wrong domain assignment since its parent, concept_id = 4263222, Vital Signs belongs to the Measurement domain. Is this concept assigned the incorrect domain?

Or is there a recommended “body temperature” concept_id when other attributes of a body temperature are unknown?

It would be helpful if there were “recommended” concept_ids for the most used vital signs :slight_smile:

(Eduard Korchmar) #2

Hello! This particular concept is correctly labeled as Observation, since it represents body temperature itself and not the procedure of taking or monitoring it. There are different concepts for taking temperature in Measurement and Procedure domain, and SNOMED keeps this one to serve as an attribute for such concepts.

As for 4263222 Vital signs, it is deprecated long time ago. Although hierarchical relation link is still alive, only active standard concepts can form hierarchy in CONCEPT_ANCESTOR table.

(Christian Reich) #3

I think so. It has it’s own weird branch. Let’s fix it, @Eduard_Korchmar.

LOINC 3020891.

Correct, but we should complain to SNOMED, @Eduard_Korchmar. Can you?

(Eduard Korchmar) #4

This concept serves as an attribute for other concepts, similarly to how Morphologic abnormalities and Body structures serve as attributes for Clinical finding or Oricedure concepts. We can’t make it Measurement, because it itself does not represent the procedure of taking or monitoring the patient

It’s not SNOMED’s problem, it’s more about how we construct our own SNOMED vocabulary from 3 different SNOMED editions.

We update our sources in January and June, when SNOMED International updates. However, SNOMED US and SNOMED UK are updated later and are based on the most recent international version, which means that concepts from US and UK edition may retain active links to concepts that international edition deprecated. These are not updated until April/October, respectively, when US and UK edition update again.

Me and Dmytry @Dymshyts have recently discovered and discussed this. Most simple solution is to update SNOMED only after all sources have been updated to most recent version. It still means we release SNOMED twice a year, but shift release cycle 3 months forward once.