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Biphenotypic sinonasal sarcoma

(JD Liddil) #1

Looking for suggestions on coding Biphenotypic sinonasal sarcoma. This is a newer classification in the World Health Organization Classification of Head and Neck Tumours and not in the ICD-O-3 online version as of yet.

(Christian Reich) #2

Do you have data with this condition?

(JD Liddil) #3

We are asking did the patient/subject have this cancer.

(Christian Reich) #4

But you don’t have that coded in the system, do you?

(JD Liddil) #5

Correct. We want to be able to code it with a standard vs a custom map. I guess we will have to since it is not in the ICD-O-3 version used now in OHDSI/WHO

(Christian Reich) #6

Well, you will need to create a custom concept with a concept_id>2 Billion. There, you can go wild and put anything you can’t find in the standard. Because the standards ICDO or ICD10 (both from WHO) don’t contain it.