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(Juan M. Banda) #1

Hello All,

As the title specifies, we are bringing back the old Phenotyping WG as a more focused Algorithmic Phenotype WG. The main focus of this WG will be to align efforts on probabilistic phenotyping work done within the OHDSI community. This group is separate, but works in parallel to the Gold Standard Phenotype library WG led by @apotvien

Everybody is welcomed to join, so let’s see a raise of hands to whomever wants to be part of this WG and is interested in attending the monthly calls. Once we have some quorum, we can start planning the class based on people’s schedules.

Don’t be shy, and join the probabilistic side :slight_smile:

(Manlik Kwong) #2

Hi - I’m relatively new to this topic - can you provide an overview regarding what you mean by “Algorithmic” - does it include various methods and approaches to predicting if a patient belongs to a phenotype? It would help me understand if I can contribute.


(Rohit Vashisht) #3

Thank you. I am interested, Sir :slight_smile:

(Subhajit Sengupta) #4

Thanks for the initiative. I’m relatively new to the OHDSI.
I’m interested to join “the probabilistic side”.

But I am also interested to know more about the “probabilistic phenotype” - is it a vector for each patient that assigns normalized probabilities for each patient to have one particular type of phenotype ?

Thank you !

(Andrew Williams) #5

Count me in please.