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Atlas/WebAPI Permission Errors


I am trying to configure permissions in atlas. I’ve used SQL (rather than UI) to add source:*:get and source:get to a role which I’ve added to my user via all the sec_* tables. However, I am still unable to access Data Sources (no drop down):

If I instead login to an admin user, the data sources do in fact appear, and I see several more api requests:

I notice that there are these two info requests contain the names of the data sources. So I’ve added vocabulary:get and vocabulary:*:get to my user’s role as well. Still to no avail :frowning:

Thanks for any and all help!

Side note: I notice that the permissions and role are un-editbale (grey checkbox instead of orange) in the UI. I imagine this is because they were created via SQL instead of UI. Could this also explain why some functionality isn’t working?