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Atlas, WebAPI and BigQuery

(Matthew Young-Lai) #1

Continuing the discussion from Grouping by complex expressions:

Have you looked into this yet and found any examples of queries that fail? I’m happy to help with continuing to add rewrites to get more queries working.

I was also planning to start looking into getting Atlas working on BigQuery. If you’re already working on this then I’d be interested in hearing details of your setup.

(Taha Abdul-Basser) #2

I am still modifying my test environment and have just begun to collect data, but will definitely let you know as I identify any problematic queries. Please keep going, as you are probably further ahead–particularly with your test environment. Perhaps we can do a Hangout to discuss collaboration, advice, etc?

(Matthew Young-Lai) #3

Yes, let’s discuss. I sent an invitation for a hangout.

(Chris Roeder) #4

Any luck?

(Michael Kahn) #5

Yes. With work by Odysseus, Atlas and WebAPI works against GBQ backends. The Atlas version on the OHDSI public facing GitHub site contains the changes Odysseus needed to do to make it work.