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ATLAS versus HADES - which to use when

Hello everyone,

I am wondering when I should use ATLAS versus HADES. From what I can see, both platforms have similar features and capabilities. Are there any specific use cases or scenarios where one platform would be preferred over the other?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Iā€™d use Atlas to:

  1. Explore Vocabulary by searching for concepts and viewing related/hierarchy concepts.
  2. Define cohort definitions using a UI, letting you access things like PHOEBE, and some simple logic validation.
  3. Use those cohorts to run analyses for Characterization and Incidence Rates
  4. Atlas does allow you to define PLP and PLE analysis, but requires additional setup to have an Arachne Execution Engine to execute R scripts. The biggest limitaton is that Atlas does not execute R code out of the box.

Use HADES when:

  1. You want to run your analyses in a dedicated environment
  2. You want to have fine-grained control to the methods, and want to use the latest versions of the pacakges.
  3. You want to write custom reports or build shiny applications to view the results.
  4. You have the R expertise to make all the above happen.
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Thank you Chris