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ATLAS v5.4


Do you have some info if ATLAS can be used for the version 5.4?
I was reading and there is not official confirmation from OHDSI, however some people are already using it.
Do you know if ATLAS could work if I convert to the version 5.4 OMOP - CDM?

Thank you

Hi @Minerva_Alvarez. As far as I know, OMOP CDM v5.4 is compatible with Atlas. That said, some of the newly added tables (episode/episode_event) and fields (admitted/discharged concepts, etc.) are not yet supported. These added elements will not break Atlas.

At the moment we are making an overview in the CDM Working Group of all the v5.4 tables/fields that can be effectively used by Atlas. TBC

Hi @MaximMoinat, looking at the OMOP CDM 5.4 changes description (Changes by Table) it seems that some field names have changed compared to 5.3 (e.g. VISIT_OCCURRENCE, VISIT_DETAIL). Does this not affect ATLAS functioning? Thanks!

Hi @adelmestri, this is exactly what we checked in the CDM WG, and these renamed fields are not used in Atlas. This is also one of the reasons this ‘breaking’ change was allowed going from 5.3->5.4.
DQD and Achilles on the other hand, do use these fields. For these tools, explicit support for v5.4 was already added.

Great, thank you @MaximMoinat