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Atlas v2.14 release candidate available for testing

Happy to announce that v2.14 of ATLAS/WebAPI is now available to the OHDSI Community for testing via this URL: http://atlas-preview.ohdsi.org:9090/atlas/#/home. This release is mainly focused on bug fixes which are listed in detail below but there are a few new features that we’d like to highlight:

  • Ability to provide a date offset for cohort definitions – thanks @chrisknoll!
  • Filter assets by read-only permissions: this allows for optionally hiding design assets (i.e. cohort definitions) from view when security is enabled - thanks @rkboyce. Unfortunately you won’t be able to see this in action on this instance of Atlas since security is not enabled but you can view: for details on this feature.
  • A number of bug fixes for the ATLAS front-end and WebAPI back end including java library upgrades, SQL updates and fixes for Databricks (see below for more details). Many thanks to all of the developers that made contributions and to the 7 new contributors in this release!

If you encounter any issues while using this version of ATLAS please file them on GitHub here: Issues · OHDSI/Atlas · GitHub.

Atlas Release Notes

New Contributors

Full Changelog: https://github.com/OHDSI/Atlas/compare/v2.13.0...v2.14.0](Apache Solr Setup Guide · OHDSI/WebAPI Wiki · GitHub)

WebAPI Release Notes

New Contributors

Full Changelog: https://github.com/OHDSI/WebAPI/compare/v2.13.0...v2.14.0


Want to try this great new Atlas 2.14 release candidate on your own hardware and help test it? If you can run Docker, then you can in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee! (depends on coffee cup size, ymmv, etc)

  1. Clone Broadsea (repo located at https://github.com/OHDSI/Broadsea)
    I recommend using the Develop branch, as it has a bunch of bugfixes; we should release it officially soon

  2. Modify these .env file settings:


    DOCKER_ARCH="linux/amd64" # change this to linux/arm64 if using Mac Silicon, 
                              # otherwise keep as-is
  1. Run these command line steps while in the cloned directory:
    docker-compose up -d
    docker-compose --profile atlasdb up -d
    docker-compose --profile webapi-from-git up -d
    docker-compose --profile atlas-from-git up -d
  1. Inspect everything is up and running
    View all docker logs, ensure everything is running and without any fatal errors

    Go to, ensure you see WebAPI’s version and status

    Go to, ensure Atlas loads

  2. Switch to a celebratory beverage now that you have Atlas 2.14 Release Candidate up and running on your hardware (or a debugging beverage should these steps fail)

    Look at that fancy new date offset feature :slight_smile:

    If the latter, please raise issues in the Broadsea GitHub repo.

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A very impressive release! I just started testing today. Will report back with details. Huzzah!!! to everyone who contributed to this version!

An update for the community here: we’re nearly done testing and aiming to finalize the release of Atlas/WebAPI v2.14 at the end of this week. Thanks to everyone who has tested and provided feedback to date!