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Atlas v2.11.0 keep hunging

I was using Atlas 2.7.8 and WebAPI 2.7.8 with no problems. I decided to upgrade to Atlas v2.11.0 and WebAPI 2.11.0. Respect of WebAPI I had a lot of problems until I truncated (in cascade) the webapi.source table (so I will have to enter my sources again).
After having WebAPI v2.11.0 running, I tried Atlas v2.11.0 and it always stayed hanged at the loading icon. I decided to replace this version and place 2.7.8 again and it works. My config-local.js file for 2.7.8 is:


define([], function () {
var configLocal = {};

    configLocal.userAuthenticationEnabled = true;

    configLocal.api = {
            name: 'UNM HSC Atlas',
            url: 'https://hsc-ctsc-atlas.health.unm.edu/WebAPI/'

    configLocal.authProviders = [{
            "name": "Local Security Test DB",
            "url": "user/login/db",
            "ajax": true,
            "icon": "fa fa-database",
            "isUseCredentialsForm": true

    return configLocal;


Is there something else I need to consider for the config-local used at the Atlas v2.11.0?


Please log in WebAPI GitHub issue tracker if you haven’t already. Tagging @alex-odysseus


How about your upgrade? Have you completed the upgrade successfully? Hope your app is up and running!

I wanted to upgrade our Atlas from 2.78 to 2.11 and got

application initialization failed
unable to connect to an instance of the webapi.
please contact your administrator to resolve this issue

I rollbacked to v2.7.8, and still got the same error. It worked before. I have no idea what should be done. do I need to update webapi.source table? any help is really appreciated.


I was able to install the latest version of WebApi. One detail I need to mention for the installation of the latest version of WebAPi: I had to clear all the information related to database sources at the Atlas’ configuration page. I did this at the Atlas’ database level. I had no choice because as it happened to you I had errors while trying to roll back to v2.7.8. After this, I had to wait for a while until the new version made all its needed changes. I am still using the same 2.7.8 version for Atlas…

I would suggest you run the same atlas version as your WebAPI version. We try to keep it backwards compatable (so an older atlas could talk to a newer webapi) but it’s recommended you keep those 2 versions in sync.