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Atlas v2.11.0 keep hunging

I was using Atlas 2.7.8 and WebAPI 2.7.8 with no problems. I decided to upgrade to Atlas v2.11.0 and WebAPI 2.11.0. Respect of WebAPI I had a lot of problems until I truncated (in cascade) the webapi.source table (so I will have to enter my sources again).
After having WebAPI v2.11.0 running, I tried Atlas v2.11.0 and it always stayed hanged at the loading icon. I decided to replace this version and place 2.7.8 again and it works. My config-local.js file for 2.7.8 is:


define([], function () {
var configLocal = {};

    configLocal.userAuthenticationEnabled = true;

    configLocal.api = {
            name: 'UNM HSC Atlas',
            url: 'https://hsc-ctsc-atlas.health.unm.edu/WebAPI/'

    configLocal.authProviders = [{
            "name": "Local Security Test DB",
            "url": "user/login/db",
            "ajax": true,
            "icon": "fa fa-database",
            "isUseCredentialsForm": true

    return configLocal;


Is there something else I need to consider for the config-local used at the Atlas v2.11.0?


Please log in WebAPI GitHub issue tracker if you haven’t already. Tagging @alex-odysseus