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ATLAS Source Role User Groups

I’m wondering if there is a enable a “CDM source” for “group” of users in ATLAS?

Right now, when I add a new CDM source I then enable this source for users in this menu: Manage Permissions > Source user (CDM_SOURCE) and selecting all of the users who should have access. But as we add new users I may want them to inherit permissions like others in their position/department. For example, it’d be useful to say “Department X has permissions for CDM Source A” and instead manage a group for “Department X” that defines their permissions for CDM Source, etc.

Any chance there’s a way to do this that I’ve missed so far?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, through the scheduled import of users, you can have a role (e.g. Source user (CDM_SOURCE) map to a security group. That scheduled import is great, because then it updates every x hours, ensuring that you don’t need to manually update the permissions in Atlas; instead you manage the security group.

Ah - this looks perfect, thanks!

Unfortunately we’re using SAML (Okta SSO) and not LDAP/AD. Do you happen to know if if there’s an easy way to do this with other authentication methods?