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Atlas security setup issue

Hello all, I am running into an issue which is probably just a misconfiguration of Atlas and / or WebAPI. We’ve got them running in separate containers and everything works when SECURITY_PROVIDER is DisabledSecurity. As soon as we change that to AtlasRegularSecurity, Atlas can no longer reach the WebAPI at all. As can be seen in the screenshot we are actually getting 401s and Atlas never prompts me to login. This makes me suspect that Atlas is mis-configured. We’re using the exact image at docker.io/ohdsi/atlas:latest but we can definitely build from source if settings need to be changed that way. Any help greatly appreciated.

Made some progress after following the configuration docs, but still encountering some bugs. Atlas displays the OID login prompt but doesn’t provide a field to actually enter credentials, so of course WebAPI spits back a 401 every time. I’m 100% certain this is a misconfiguration of Atlas on my part. Any thoughts?


More info: During load I noticed this “issue”:


This might be a legitimate “bug” or error in the source html. Deployment is via the v2.9.1 tag fro the Atlas repo.