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Atlas Reusable Cohort Logic Brainstorm


At yesterday’s collaborator showcase, my team presented enhancements to Atlas that we’ve developed in collaboration with Odysseus (Bringing a Titan to a New Organization – OHDSI). We’d like to keep enhancing Atlas with useful features for the community.

In preparation for Atlas 2.11 (or 2.12?), my team has been thinking of adding a “reusable cohort logic” feature. We have scheduled a brainstorm meeting to discuss this with some folks in the community, but would like to open it to others.

The goal of this brainstorm is to align on the vision for reusable cohort logic, that will allow us to gain efficiency in building cohort definition, reduce mouse clicks, and perhaps avoid mistakes. As an example, imagine needing to define a complicated piece of nested logic multiple times in a cohort definition. With reusable cohort logic, we could write that once, and then invoke it multiple times in a cohort definition.

This session is scheduled for Sept 23, 2021 at 10 am EST. Please contact me here in the thread or via Forums DM if you’re interested.


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I’d like to join the meeting! Thanks!

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@katy-sadowski can you send me your email in DM?