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Atlas Release Candidates in Public Site

As part of our Atlas/WebAPI call this morning, we discussed the release cadence for now (2.13) and future releases.

One aspect of this is improving the user acceptance testing (UAT), which generally has been limited to sites with Atlas developers. I’d like to propose we add a new public Atlas site, “atlas-test dot ohdsi dot org” that we use to push out release candidates for public testing prior to the release.

To that end, I’ve raised an issue in the Broadsea GitHub where I’ve proposed the usage of Docker compose’s ability to build straight from GitHub repos/branches rather than from a published Docker Hub image, which may be useful here: https://github.com/OHDSI/Broadsea/issues/47

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@Ajit_Londhe this is a great idea. Could we have a call to discuss some of the details?

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Sure, I’ll email you with some dates/times.

Also, let me amend my previous post, (thanks @Chris_Knoll for the insight). This would be a “public preview” site just to show what’s coming.

But UAT would be something that sites can volunteer for, but only within their environment (possibly with this Broadsea build from repo method), and only for a short window (1-2 weeks per the release schedule).