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ATLAS: posting concept set

I am having trouble using ROhdsiWebApi call postConceptSetDefinition.
Here is a brief bit of code, where I retrieve an existing concept set definition, then try to post it to the server under a different name. I am not including the code to authenticate against ATLAS because that works well, and it has my password in it.

conceptSet ← getConceptSetDefinition(conceptSetId = 518, baseUrl = webapi_root)
postConceptSetDefinition(name = “BS Test concept”, conceptSetDefinition = conceptSet, baseUrl = webapi_root)

Here is what the console returns after running it:

Error in .request(url, method = “PUT”, config = config, handle = handle, :
Bad Request (HTTP 400).

Is there a permission problem? Is our ATLAS instance misconfigured?
I have been using R programs to post cohort definitions and that code is working well.

Thanks for any suggestions on what I should do differently.

Bradley Slavik