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Atlas-phenotype.ohdsi.org (OHDSI Phenotype Library)

Good day

Please sign up for atlas-phenotype.ohdsi.org, the official Atlas for OHDSI PL here
OHDSI Atlas Phenotype Library Registration

Please post any issues you experience while using the Atlas instance in this thread.

Tagging @admin for awareness

Hi all;
I was able to access the cohort definitions created for phenotype day one and two; but today I am getting an error; please see the screenshot
thank you

Thank you @Gowtham_Rao for starting this discussion.

@lee_evans had set met up with an account to this ATLAS instance. I am getting an error when I try to navigate around this site. e.g. when clicking on the Search button on the left hand navigation:

Issue #2: Also, when I click on Concept Sets, I see a list of six items. These do not include the T2DM and T1DM that have been the focus of Phebruary. (I swear I saw them yesterday, but today they are gone!).

Issue #3: When I click on any one of the Concept Sets, I get an error message:

Appreciate your help with resolving these authorization issues. Thanks!

@Marcela @rama0 please try to access the concept sets again now.

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It’s working now Lee.

Regarding issue #2 mentioned by Raj @rama0, I could see the day 1 and day 2 phenotypes in the concept sets tab, now they appear only in the Cohort Definitions tab.

Thank you!

Hi @Marcela up until today we not maintaining concept sets in the atlas-phenotype.ohdsi.org
please ignore the observation you had for now.

Thank you @admin @lee_evans - all three issues I had logged seem to be resolved now.

I filled out the request for access last week but still cannot log-in to Phenotype instance of Atlas. I have not received a confirmation email.

Thank you in advance for the asisstance! @admin

Hey @Gowtham_Rao – I signed up but didn’t get any credentials. Can you see if you got my submission?

Edit: never mind, it went to junk folder!

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Hi @T_Roggenkamp

The email with your login info was sent out on February 2nd. Perhaps it got stuck in a mail spam folder?

I will send login info via direct message

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Does access mean just read only, or can I create cohorts?

Thank you, @lee_evans!

I am still thinking this thru - how to best manage community collaboration on this. Yes, the future is to see a way to collaborate and share cohort definitions in a security enabled atlas.

some of the cohorts, that are properly up voted in a scientifically sound democratic process (read: peer review) will probably benefit from a label (thanks @Ajit_Londhe for getting that functionality) - and that label could be “Phenotype Library” or “Evaluated Cohort” etc


That would be very helpful to standardize definitions across studies. Some sort of simple rulebook for curating phenotypes may be of help to avoid confusion as we start to pile up on phenotypes :slight_smile:

Yes - @david_vizcaya i will start a discussion thread on the ohdsi forums to solicit ideas

See post here to continue the discussion on phenotype library