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Atlas --> Person report issue

Hi community,

I have the person table populated like the attached screenshot. The gender_concept_id column has data for each record.

But when I go to atlas, the gender report is not showing up. I don’t know what is involved behind the scene for the report. Any thought is highly reported.

Ray Z.

Gender concepts should be:

8532 FEMALE Gender
8507 MALE Gender

Got it. Thank you so much, Don!

I did search for ‘male’ ‘female’ and got:


I thought these should work too. What is the secret behind this?

By the way, after I update with Don’s value, it still does not show up.

Ray Z.

2 Things:
The conceptIDs you are showing are not ‘standard’ concepts. You want to limit yourself to using only standard concepts.

Just updating the CDM data won’t fix the reports, you need to run Achilles again to get the updated results.

Thank you, Chris. It’s fixed and works like a charm.