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Atlas - Meaning of check box under Included concepts tab


I have two questions wrt to Atlas user buttons.

q1) What difference does it make to selecting the checkbox (highlighted region) and not selecting the checkbox? I see that concepts are already added to the concept set. What happens if I check the box? Where can I see the effect of selecting the check box? what is the use of check box here? So, I can improve my understanding of Atlas

q2) In screenshot above, you can see that all the descendants are selected.

Now I would like to know what happens if I select the check box under “Included concepts” tab or what is the use of this check box?

Since all descendants are already selected under “concept set expression” and no check box is selected under “Included concepts” , does it mean this checkbox is of no use?

If no check box is going to be ticked, am i right to understand that all concepts are included under our concept set? Now what if I selected descendants for all concepts (under concept set expression) and only selected few concepts under “included concepts”. then I can understand the use of check box.

If I select descendants for all concept set expression and don’t select any check box under “included concepts”, does it mean it only considers the parent concept (under concept set expression)?

Can you help me with this?

Under Concept Set Expression, the checkboxes in the left-most column are used to select the elements you want to remove from the concept set expression. The big red button that says Remove Selected Concepts will be enabled if you have at least one checkbox selected in the leftmost column.

Before the checkbox UI update, it was possible for you to ‘de-select’ the shopping cart in the expression and it was immediately gone forcing you to search for the concept and re-add it in the event you mis-clicked. Now you have to select the ones you want to remove, and then remove them.

Under Included Concepts the left-most column lets you select a set of concepts that you’d like to add to the concept set expression (with the options as ‘exclude’, ‘descendants’, etc. The use case here is that you see some concept included in your concept set expression that you’d like to exclude. You would select the ones you don’t want, choose ‘exclude’ (and optionally ‘descendants’) and then press ‘add to concept set’ button at the bottom. Both your screen-grabs are not including these very important buttons! So it’s hard to point out the button you shoudl push since it’s not included in the screenshot, but here’s one:

Here it is disabled:

But enabled if you have something selected:

On included concepts with nothing selected:

And i’d like to add a couple as ‘exclude descendants’:

Before the checkbox UI change, you’d have to click a shopping cart to add it to the concept set expression, and then go back into the concept set to find the ones you added to mark them ‘exclude descendant’ and you’d have to repeat those clicks for each one you added. Now you just choose the ones you want and specify the settings for the concept set expression once.